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AutoTrack XL Gyro

Autotrack XL Gyro is a high quality and effective product, which allows you to control and monitor you fleet in real time.

If you have a business which is positioned not only in Bulgaria but also abroad, Auto Track XL Gyro will give an answer to most of your questions. The system is working in Roaming on European territory, the Balkans and even Switzerland. In order to achieve maximum accuracy in the positioning of the device, we are using the best GPS receiver in the world Ublox, Switzerland. Auto Track XL Gyro provides a full range of capabilities for a high class device:

Fuel consumption monitoring:

  • – By LLS Fuel level sensor (in the fuel tang) – CAN Bus interface;
  • – By flow sensor – digital input or RS232;

FMS connection to the board computer (CAN Bus) – CAN interface.

  • Monitoring of the temperature;
  • Open/closed doors;
  • Non-volatile memory;
  • Driver identification (when drivers are more than one), by Dallas – iButton or RFID card reader;
  • USB interface for reading log files, updating firmware and settings;

We invest a lot of time to protect the device from disloyal drivers. Here is a short list whit the security measures that we have integrated:

  • An open-device sensor ( when someone is trying to open the device);
  • An alarm when the antenna is disconnected;
  • Emergency power supply, in cases of disconnected car battery a message will be send to the server;
  • The emergency power supply will less 24 hours.
  • This helps us to minimize the intentional damage.

Technical parameters:

1. Electric power supply:

a. Main power supply: +8 ~ +30V DC

b. Electric consumption: c. Power saving mode ( d. Emergency power supply: Li-Ion battery + 3.7 V, 1000 mAh

2. Mechanical characteristics

Dimensions: 110x135x35.

Weight: 370g.

Body: Extruded aluminum whit silicone seals.

Working temperature: -25 ⁰C to +75⁰C.

3.GPS receiver

Ublox LEA-6A

Receiver type 50-channel u-blox 6 engine
GPS/QZSS L1 C/A code
Galileo L1 open service (with upgrade)
Navigation update rate up to 5 Hz (ROM version), 2 Hz (Flash)

Accuracy          LEA-6A 

Position      2.5m    CEP 

SBAS         2.0m    CEP


Cold start    26 s

Aided start   1 s

Hot start      1 s


Tracking:       -162 dBm

Cold start:     -148 dBm

Hot start:       -157 dbm


4. Input/Output signals

a. Main coupling whit 20 outputs.

Power supply 2 lines (+VDC, MASS)

Ignition key / engine 1 line (0-30 VDC)

Digital inputs 5 lines (0-30 VDC)

Analog inputs 5 lines (0-30 VDC)

Digital outputs 2 lines (open collector Relay output 3 lines (НО, НЗ, CAN bus 2 lines (CAN-LO, CAN-HI)


b. Accessories connector 12 outputs

Serial interface RS232 3 lines (RxD, TxD, GND)

Serial interface RS485 2 lines (D+, D-)

Dallas Key (i-Button®) 3 lines (Data I/O, LED, GND)

Identification module 2 lines (I2C interface)