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In our application the servers maps are software components that effectively and quickly retrieve geographic information from different sets of cards. They used a standardized interface for connecting to application servers. In this way the system allows to be used at once different kinds of vector and raster maps, and working simultaneously with several maps.


In order to provide multiple versions of maps for our clients, we produce a few map servers.

The standard set of geographical servers includes:


google earh1. Maps of Domino:

– Map of Bulgaria with three scale, like the most extensive scale is 1: 100, 000, georeferenced in WGS84.
– Maps of Sofia and 53 more cities are 3 sizes as the most detailed level for each city is 1: 5000, all georeferenced in WGS84.


google earth22. Maps Open Street Maps.

– Open Street Maps –
. It includes maps of the whole world.

– Satellite images from Microsoft. It includes maps of the whole world.


Additionally, you can:

– To see the current location of vehicles on Google Maps.
– Each route can be transferred to the format of Google Earth and there can be reviewed.
– We have a geographic database of over 215,000 addresses in Bulgaria which is used automatically in statements to determine the point of stay.