GPS services - производството и продажба на GPS

Advantages » GPS services – производството и продажба на GPS


Providing an adequate control over the fleet is extremely difficult and complex process. The management of every company needs a reliable solution which provides an objective data of mileage, speed, web sites and the time required to perform a job. And not at least, there is hardly any company that does not care about the so-called “Black courses.”

Thanks to the combination of reliable products – high quality GPS devices, our system provides real-time information about the movement of your fleet. The access to this information is non-stop and from any computer with an Internet connection. The data information is stored and can be used and compared, whenever you need them.

The standard data you receive includes:

  • Map route with the speed and idle time;
  • Time and size of actual idle time

From the installation of additional sensors, the information you get is about fuel consumption, temperature, open / closed door, seat and many other sensor included (excluded) parameters.

After introduction/installation/ of the system “Track Data Manager”, you will get the following results:

  • Fuel economy up to 48%;
  • Saving time by 30%;
  • Increasing the labor efficiency
  • Permanent control of the vehicle and driver;
  • Reducing the idle times and the unnecessary mileage;
  • The value of investments is paid over a period of 3 to 6 months!